DavidBransfordMD Blog-A Rip Van Winkle Experience

After 20yrs of providing outpatient mental health services in an extremely underserved rural portion of Northern Minnesota, perhaps like Rip Van Winkle, I have finally started to make a major change in my practice patterns. I have enjoyed thoroughly the daily clinical work, but possibly like Bill Murray in the movie Ground Hogs Day, there […]

Flip Camcorder

“Great little camcorder – user-friendly – long battery life – HD – great audio and video. Direct USB upload to Blog or YouTube” Flip MinoHD and SlideHD Camcorders with Personalized Design – Available only at the Flip Video Store. Check out this unique Flip Video design. The Flip MinoHD and SlideHD camcorders combine remarkable video […]

DavidBransfordMD-Medicating Children

Having finally witnessed the end of summer and having my office filled with desperate parents and students, preparing to start the new school year; I am overwhelmed with seeing what is happening to the many young children with disruptive behaviors and “hyperactivity” Over the summer months of just June, July, and August, far too many […]