DavidBransfordMD Blog – repost of Education Revolution

http://youtu.be/zDZFcDGpL4USir Ken Robingson RSA Animate Lecture – on Education Revolution

Sir Ken’s ideas are so important, I cannot listen to him enough ! Much as Jamie Oliver was said to have enhanced the Obesity/Food Revolution, Sir Ken seems to be the spokes person for pushing forward with the Education Revolution. I encounter day after day, students in Middle Schools and High Schools who are failing out of their classes, telling me “School is too boring” For many, this is a disconnect between their assigned grade & age. Others do indeed have undiagnosed Developmental Learning Disorders or Attention Deficit Disorders. But so many are correct in stating they are just plain bored !
Their teachers may claim to have had 20 yrs of experience, but have been teaching the same style 20 times over those many years. The teachers fail to inspire and challenge the students in a positive way. Tenure protects and perhaps serves as a disincentive for teachers to consider alternative methods of learning and, yes, I see creativity being squelched in students far too often. dlb

Initial Draft for the "Home Office" for the Future Brain Education Office

I suspect the Education Revolution will truly be a job for Superman!


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