DavidBransfordMD Blog November 2011

DavidBransfordMD Blog  November 2011

November in the North Woods – a time of great transition. This morning on October 5, 2011 a tradition as big as Christmas began with the opening of Minnesota’s Official Firearm Whitetail Deer Season.
On a State level, about 500,000 licenses are typically issued – meaning about 1/2 million hunters are in their deer stands or on the ground hoping for that trophy buck. In our town of Grand Rapids, MN blaze orange was not due to the sunshine, nor to left over pumpkins, but thousands of men and women dressed in blaze orange coats, pants, gloves, hats,etc – expecting other hunters will not mistake them for a deer. It is an annual ritual up here with a great chance for family bonding, deer camps, and hopefully healthy, lean venison for the winter months ahead. For the pre-adolescent it is often a “right of passage” – having completed their fire arm safety courses and hopefully not injured their shooting eye while sighting in a high power rifle with the scope rebounding and hitting them in their periorbital tissue….Have already seen several black eyes from earlier in the week. No snow for tracking up here this season for opener, but very cool temps to protect the meat of those harvested deer. Talked with CEO of MN Deer Hunters Association over supper, with general good feedback. No deer with CWD nor TB to cause concern. Fewer permits for does and fawns than last year, but a great yield expected. Remember, to shoot a deer and process it makes for a far better outcome than huge numbers dying from roadkill or Gray Wolves, or Starvation. The serious hunters I meet depend on the venison for most of their winter meat with far less fat and no known chemicals than commercial cattle. Opening day for the Governor was not the Photoshot that we have seen in other States or with other governors in the past. Last night, Governor Mark Dayton appeared at the annual banquet, spent all the time needed to sign autographs for kids and be available to group photos, but did not hunt this a.m. I was pleased to learn Mark Dayton followed his own ‘scipt’ and not simply follow some handler’s instructions. So for the next 3 weeks, whitetail will be harvested up here, primarily with high power rifles….Then Black Powder opens up and the archers will hunt in December, I believe. Here is hoping for a safe and productive season….Some other important November dates…11-11-11 Veterans Day 11-24-2011 Thanksgiving. And not to forget 11-10-2011 for the 11-10-1975 anniversary of the Sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald. dlb