DavidBransfordMD 2012 Better Living through Chemistry?

Anti-depressant-use-up-by-a-quarter-since-credit-crunch.html In viewing the London Telegraph this evening online, the common themes related to the field of Medicine are so often headlines. And, of course, it is not unique to the Telegraph..I have yet to find a major newspaper that does not carry either the same story or a similar one. BigPharma is Big News […]

DavidBransfordMD – Christmas Eve 2011 – a time to reflect!

The sun has set several hours ago and it is officially Christmas Eve for my family of origin…Historically the greatest, busiest Holiday of the Year in our household, growing up with my parents and three brothers. Christmas Time was both sacred and commercial in our household. Living my first 10 years of life in a […]

DavidBransfordMD – Update-Bipolar Disorder – Substance Abuse

According to the December 2011 “Clinical Psychiatry News” article, smoking and alcohol use in teens has diminished. However, cannabis usage in that same population has increased. But from that same monthly publication, there is new hope from a research article involving 75 patients – aged 12-21. Seems topiramate plus quetiapine greatly reduced cannabis usage. (That […]