David Bransford MD Blog Updates on Autism and Aspergers – ASDs

At least once a week, I am asked to evaluate children or Adolescents who I find have undiagnosed ASD. Many are diagnosed as ADHD or just “strange” – isolated and therefore “Depressed” Many are sad, disruptive, isolative, or extremely anxious. But once again, some excellent YouTube videos help tell the story and offer hope to […]

David Bransford MD Giving Thanks 11-22-2012

Thanksgiving 2012 ! Such a special time for family and friends to spend together. No discussions about BigPharma today. Just some assortments of families spending time together. One of my favorite blogs – unrelated to the Field of Medicine – has been Daniel Klein’s Perennial Plate. For the first several years, this New Yorker moved […]

DAVID BRANSFORD MD – MISCELLANY- iPads, Autism, evolution folk music

In the rapidly evolving world of technology, the iPad has impressed me the most. My clinical practice with children and adolescents with special needs – such as Autistic Spectrum Features has been the most dramatic. Rather than write about it, I will post videos that can tell the story far better than I can write […]


Before Hurricane Sandy devastated the East Coast, I was addressing Foster Homes and Out-Of-Home placements. With Hurricane Sandy, I was immediately reminded of Sandy – Little Orphan Annie’s Dog ! In 1977, I first began my medical practice in the field of Psychiatry–with a strong emphasis on Child and Adolescent populations. In that same year, […]


Like so many millions of us, I followed Sandy via Television, but also via Twitter and Facebook. I knew my favorite Band members were in NYC and their sold-out concerts at the Beacon Theater Oct 28th and 29th were cancelled due to the pending storm’s predicted path. Next, via Josh’s tweets and Facebook updates, I […]