David Bransford MD Singer/Songwriter Families Inspiration for the Holidays

Woody Guthrie is perhaps our Country’s most influential and prolific songwriter-with the challenge of having Huntington’s Disease – its a neurodegenerative disease with cognitive and psychiatric symptoms usually appearing in the mid 30s-40s…genetic, progressive, and no cure. HD was often referred to as Woody Guthrie’s Disease. (7/14/1912 – 10/03/1967) But my thoughts about this post […]

David Bransford MD Intra-Cranial Surgery for Addiction? Most Alarming !

Thanks to @Maiasz from her article in Healthland.Time.Com on intra-cranial surgery for addiction, I was reflecting on my own undergraduate years in College – before Medical School and Psychiatric Residency Training, There was a great deal of enthusiasm about bypassing chemicals in the brain and using direct electrical stimulation or ablation to “cure disease” I […]