David Bransford MD “Rehab” – What The Experts Are Finding – Searching for Science

Having trained as part of my Psychiatry Residency in the Minneapolis-St Paul area, “chemical dependency treatments followed the “Minnesota Model” in the mid 1970s, with 28 day inpatient -12 Step Models for Adult Alcoholics, Methadone maintenance for Heroine Addiction, and some very prolonged inpatient hospitalizations for adolescents. For my training, it began at the Minneapolis […]

David Bransford MD —- More On Music Instead Of Meds —- Before the Grammys

Sir Ken Robinson, PhD continues to consult, lecture, write, and even tweet. In the realm of the Education Revolution, I always find him inspiring, insightful, and entertaining. Thanks to YouTube -> In the many treatment centers, psychiatric hospitals, and group homes where I have consulted since about 1968, I more often than not am told […]