DavidBransfordMD More on Asperger Girls 05-05-2013


Aspergers – will the term actually be dropped for Autistic Spectrum Disorder? If one accepts the about to be released DSM-5, it will.

However, I will continue to utilize the term clinically and am not along in refusing to adopt this “so called” improvement from DSM IV-R

The Mental Health/Psychiatry Blogs have been ever so busy with concerns about diagnostic inflation and misinformation from the proposed DSM-5

For example-> 1boringoldman.com has had a global impact, for example

And Experts such as Dr Allen Frances MD and Temple Grandin PhD

Dr Allan Frances MD Psychiatrist and principle developer of DSM IV

10 Minutes with Temple Grandin PhD in an interview in Minnespolis 2010

As for Aspie Girls is extremely important, due to the fact that the diagnosis is so often overlooked. A young adult Aspie Maya has done an excellent job of posting videos on YouTube about her life, leading to the the launch of her new album…………very skilled musician.
So examples from Maya can teach us so much !

So many more, including her meeting with Aspie expert Tony Attwood PhD

Aspergers in Females is so often overlooked and there is so much we can learn from brilliant young students such as Maya.

Too Many Clinicians seem to be afraid of the concept and it leads to unnecessary suffering for so many children and young adults

These individuals need the opportunity for empowerment and not pathology

Neuroscience Journalist for the NYTs – Amy Harmon – has been addressing the challenges of relationships with Asperger Couples and just released an eBook on it…Asperger Love at a cost of less than $4.00. Excellent Work, Amy – I still learn from Jack & Kirsten from your research with them. Thank You and your Literary Awards are so well deserved !

NYT Video from Amy Harmon on Jack and Kirsten – so informative !


————————————————————————So do not be afraid to continue addressing the unique needs of individual needs of people with Asperger’s If one falls on the spectrum and is allowed to withdraw completely with only their video games, day after day, they are bound to develop depression, anger, and increased risk of anger – directed both inward and outward.

“Whistle Past the Graveyard, if it helps. But emphasize the need to encourage social interactions and not allow social isolation.

I am not posting Laura Marling as an Aspie, but her lyrics seem most appropriate. Such a gifted, shy, singer/songwriter !


One thought on “DavidBransfordMD More on Asperger Girls 05-05-2013

  1. I have an Asperger’s daughter, wife and son! Trifecta. Just thought I’d post that I came here after searching “Laura Marling Aspergers”. I love her completely sideways take at the world. Her performance on Jools Holland of New Romantic is one of my favourite performances. And from Wikipedia: In September 2013, Marling explained: “I am a solitary person but I love people, I’m not a misanthrope. I like the idea of speaking only when it’s strictly necessary. The closest I ever feel to people is in shared experience. I’m still exploring that, I don’t know where it’s going to lead me.”

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