DavidBransfordMD Updates on Autistic Spectrum Disorders 06082013

In spite of the DSM-5 eliminating the Asperger Term, the concept will continue to grow, thanks to experts such as Temple Grandin, PhD, John Robinson, and expert Neuroscience Journalists such as Amy Harmon of the New York Times. 2 1/2 years ago, Amy Harmon published Asperger Love just after Christmas 2011 and the story continues to expand day after day. Hopefully this NYT video will open and play on this post

http://nyti.ms/NbS37B Aspies in Love – is it even possible ?? Amy has written book about it!

Temple just gave an extremely important extremely important interview re: Aspie early intervention and need for much more active treatment of the ‘hands on’ variety. Not allowing the ASDs to just take meds, watch videos, and get put on Social Security without active treament as she will define it.

More information from Temple Grandin at TED in Feb 2013

John Robinson – has Aspergers and his story and his books are so enlightening.

His most recent book “Raising Cubby” is a must read and happens to be about son Jack Robinson – the Jack of “Jack and Kirsten” – written about per Amy Harmon….(small world)

I follow too many talented Aspies – who have been teased, bullied, and have no peer friends. They are labeled geeks, nerds, odd and typically drop out of school, never reaching their unique potentials

Mr Blue Bird is not on my shoulder, but on the deck

Mr Blue Bird is not on my shoulder, but on the deck


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