The Medicine Man -- still selling snake oil ??

The Medicine Man — still selling snake oil ??

APA – Still selling snake oil. I am often asked by Mental Health Professionals for updates on the DSM-5 which was officially released last month at the Annual American Psychiatric Association meeting

Numerous experts have been speaking out against it and the mental bloggers have raised many serious concerns about major flaws in this so-called ‘update’. Diagnostic Inflation is the most common concern……….with many thousands now meeting criteria for major mental illnesses. I will allow Dr Allen Frances MD explain. He was the prime expert with the DSM IV

Dr David Healy – Psychiatrist from Wales – continues to express concerns….particularly about the safety of psychiatric medications. If one accepts the DSM-5 as the
guidelines, many more meds will be prescribed – often to people who do not need them

Alison Bass recently posted a review on several new books inspired by DSM-5

Bad Medicine – by neuroscience, award winning journalist Alison Bass

Dr Allen Frances MD with Huffingtom Post article

Dr Allen Frances, MD

The number of well written blogs, newspaper articles, and medical journals – amazing !
I have yet to find any positive reviews regarding this DSM-5 – except BigPharma. Dr Thomas Insel of the NIMH was even unsupportive.

HT to the blog from http://www.1boringoldman.com who posts daily with such powerful skills at analyzing data



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