Laura Marling 23 yr old Singer/Songwriter – A great gift from the Brits

Laura Marling

Such a Great Post, Dr Bransford ! Come back to very soon !

Such a Great Post, Dr Bransford ! Come back to very soon !

In contrast to the Glastonbury Festival where Laura has performed, she seems to
prefer much more intimate venues such as can be viewed at Crunch !


One thought on “Laura Marling 23 yr old Singer/Songwriter – A great gift from the Brits

  1. Hi Stranger,

    You do like your folk music, don’t you? I do, too, but you will never ever convince me that “Puff the Magic Dragon”, one of my favorite songs is about drugs.

    I was very disappointed with Laura Marling’s first video; the songs were so pessimistic, bordering on morbid. In fact, I thought that she was a really second rate singer who had had a terrible life during her 23 yrs. I thought that I could even see it in her facial expressions and eyes. That’s why I couldn’t appreciate the fact that she received the British best female singer award (2nd video) But I trudged on and listened to the other two videos and was pleasantly surprised at her performances and definitely changed my mind. Her voice is beautiful; I especially enjoyed the song that she sung with the dance company. I agree that she seems to like more intimate audiences and can understand why. The 4th video, especially toward the end, I could hardly hear the words that she was singing, probably my computer’s fault because it is getting old like me. She also sounds better, I think with musicians behind her. I truly like her, but I still like Brandi better. By the way, are you still following Brandi?

    They finally solved my high calcium problem; it took them months and months of tests, even a bone marrow biopsy for cancer and didn’t know what was causing it. As a last resort the endocrinologist and hematologist changed my diuretic and it worked. All three of us couldn’t believe it! Of course with my luck, I shortly afterwards came down with a horrible sinus infection, followed by a cold and then ended up with a persistent Colitis attack. All in all I lost eight months out of my life, darn it; however, we plan to leave Dec. 14th for the Mississippi Gulf Coast for four months.

    I have all your tweets filed in a folder and hope I can deal with them when I get back. I honestly love to read them!!


    Mary Ellen

    P.S. Comments on your ‘addiction’ will be coming shortly; I have a lot to say about that one, too.

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