DavidBransfordMD ADDICTION ON A GLOBAL SCALE 11 24 2013

In undergraduate school at Macalester College – near the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, I spent most of my research and study time in the lab studying IntraCranial Stimulation with lab rats- ┬áIt was believed the ‘pleasure center’ was located deep within the hypothalamus and direct electrical stimulation was more reinforcing than any other known […]

David Bransford MD -Reviewing Earlier November Post-2009

Santa Fe War Bonnet Lionel Train – What was big before Video Games ————————————————————————————————- http://davidbransford.com/2009/11/25/davidbransfordmd-blog-thinking-of-earlier-thanksgivings/November 2009 (click) <-click for url Neil Young and LionelTrains Neil Young on Letterman More Videos re: Lionel Trains Most that know Neil Young, think of his music, but Lionel Trains are also a big part of his family life !