About David Bransford MD Psychiatrist


Name: David L Bransford M.D.

E-mail: drbrans@mchsi.com

About me: Dr. David L. Bransford MD is licensed to practice medicine in the State Of Minnesota and has been continuously in full time practice since August of 1977.

For the past 21 years he has served as Medical Director and CEO of the Corporation ITASCA PSYCHIATRIC SERVICES was located at 25 Third Street N.E. in Grand Rapids, Minnesota. On October 1st, 2010, office was relocated to 201 4th Street NW, about 4 blocks away.

Prior to forming his own corporation, he was providing direct clinical services – both inpatient and outpatient – through Northland Mental Health Center – also in Grand Rapids, Minnesota…since he moved to Grand Rapids in June of 1983.

Prior to 1983 he was a member of the Minneapolis Clinic of Psychiatry and Neurology in Golden Valley, MN since beginning clinical practice in September of 1977. While in the Minneapolis area, inpatient care was provided at Golden Valley Health Center, North Memorial Health Center, Unity Hospital, St Mary’s Hospital in Minneapolis, and Abbott-Northwestern.

Dr David Bransford, MD completed his Psychiatric Residency at the University of Minnesota – with several years of rotation at the VA Hospital in Minneapolis and Hennepin County Medical Center in Minneapolis…..with direct involvement with the Hennepin County inpatient Psychiatric Unit, the Hennepin County Crisis Intervention Unit, and the Hennepin County Outpatient Clinic.

Dr David Bransford, MD attended his Medical School at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis from 1969-1974 – having spent the entire year of 1972-1973 with the original group of students to participate in the Rural Physicians Associate Program. During that year he spent an ‘externship’ with a solo family practitioner in Aitkin, Minnesota.

His pre-medical years were spent at Macalester College in St Paul, Minnesota from the Fall of 1965- the Spring of 1969–graduation with honors with his degree in Psychology. His primary research was in Physiological Psychology, with his Honors Thesis involving Intracranial Stimulation in conjunction with psychotropic medications.

High School Graduation was in the Spring of 1965 from Edina-Morningside Senior High School. He is a US citizen – born and raised in the USA. He received his National Board of Medical Examiners certification in the Summer of 1977.

Highlights of his professional career have included Forensic Psychiatry on Contract with the State of Minnesota. Serving as Court Appointed Medical Examiner in numerous Counties in Minnesota.

Consulting to the State Hospital System – such as Timberland Child and Adolescent inpatient psychiatry program from 1988-1991 and serving as Medical Director to Mercy Medical Center’s inpatient Chemical Dependency Program from 1979-1983. He still maintains a strong interest in working with MI/CD programs and individuals with a strong emphasis on working with the Child and Adolescent populations Since moving to Grand Rapids, he has followed a large number of developmentally delayed children, adolescents, and adults.

When not seeing patients directly, he has a strong interest in teaching and promoting continuing medical education to family practitioners, nursing staff, case managers, and psychologists. He has a strong interest is in the field of Psychopharmacology, and many of his weekends are spent meeting with other psychopharmacologists and continually being updated in the field of Neuroscience. Most recent passion has been networking via Twitter.com/ThinkShrink & FaceBook. Just beginning a blog with WordPress.Have developed a professional network globally of other Mental Health Professional and-perhaps most importantly – online Patient Advocate Bloggers.

Also have strong interest in Psychiatric Services Dogs, breeding Great Pyrenees Mtn Dogs for special need children and adults.  Extremely skeptical of the Pharmaceutical Industry and Managed Care.
Primary email-DrBrans@mchsi.com
Twitter Link. http://www.Twitter.com/ThinkShrink
Facebook Link. http://www.facebook.com/david.bransford


2 thoughts on “About David Bransford MD Psychiatrist

  1. Dr. Bransford,
    We have always had Gr Pyrenees. I like to stay in touch with you in that regard. Also, you are much closer to Canada where Pyrenees Shepards are more commonly bred, have you had any experience with them.
    Highest Regards,

    • Thank you for the comment and the email link. I am not at all informed about the Pyrenees Shepards, but would greatly appreciate further information. My primary email is DrBrans@mchsi.com I check that at least several times/day. In contrast, my Blog is often only checked by me on a weekly basis. I too would greatly appreciate staying in touch Sincerely, David Bransford

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