DavidBransfordMD ADDICTION ON A GLOBAL SCALE 11 24 2013

In undergraduate school at Macalester College – near the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, I spent most of my research and study time in the lab studying IntraCranial Stimulation with lab rats- ┬áIt was believed the ‘pleasure center’ was located deep within the hypothalamus and direct electrical stimulation was more reinforcing than any other known […]

David Bransford MD -Reviewing Earlier November Post-2009

Santa Fe War Bonnet Lionel Train – What was big before Video Games ————————————————————————————————- http://davidbransford.com/2009/11/25/davidbransfordmd-blog-thinking-of-earlier-thanksgivings/November 2009 (click) <-click for url Neil Young and LionelTrains Neil Young on Letterman More Videos re: Lionel Trains Most that know Neil Young, think of his music, but Lionel Trains are also a big part of his family life !


APA – Still selling snake oil. I am often asked by Mental Health Professionals for updates on the DSM-5 which was officially released last month at the Annual American Psychiatric Association meeting Numerous experts have been speaking out against it and the mental bloggers have raised many serious concerns about major flaws in this so-called […]