David Bransford MD -Reviewing Earlier November Post-2009

Santa Fe War Bonnet Lionel Train – What was big before Video Games ————————————————————————————————- http://davidbransford.com/2009/11/25/davidbransfordmd-blog-thinking-of-earlier-thanksgivings/November 2009 (click) <-click for url Neil Young and LionelTrains Neil Young on Letterman More Videos re: Lionel Trains Most that know Neil Young, think of his music, but Lionel Trains are also a big part of his family life ! […]

DavidBransfordMD Psychiatrist – More on Music, Mental Health, Medicine, and Miscellany

The Prolonged Winter Weather seems to have been most challenging on our residents of the North Woods! Today, 4-27-2013, a major warm up began, with sunshine, snow melt, and people outside being active once again ! The woods are awake for the season, and people – including kids – are leaving their video games, movies, […]

DavidBransfordMD Stage Fright – Is It Considered A Psychiatric Disorder ?

Shy Musicians, Shy Actors, Shy Public Servants – per DSM-5, Do they have Psychiatric illnesses? Should terms such as Panic Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder be utilized ? If so, should they receive treatment ? Are they eligible for Social Security Disability Benefits ? How common is this “disorder” ? Garrison Keillor has addressed “Shy People” […]

David Bransford MD —- More On Music Instead Of Meds —- Before the Grammys

Sir Ken Robinson, PhD continues to consult, lecture, write, and even tweet. In the realm of the Education Revolution, I always find him inspiring, insightful, and entertaining. Thanks to YouTube -> In the many treatment centers, psychiatric hospitals, and group homes where I have consulted since about 1968, I more often than not am told […]

David Bransford MD Singer/Songwriter Families Inspiration for the Holidays

Woody Guthrie is perhaps our Country’s most influential and prolific songwriter-with the challenge of having Huntington’s Disease – its a neurodegenerative disease with cognitive and psychiatric symptoms usually appearing in the mid 30s-40s…genetic, progressive, and no cure. HD was often referred to as Woody Guthrie’s Disease. (7/14/1912 – 10/03/1967) But my thoughts about this post […]

DAVID BRANSFORD MD – MISCELLANY- iPads, Autism, evolution folk music

In the rapidly evolving world of technology, the iPad has impressed me the most. My clinical practice with children and adolescents with special needs – such as Autistic Spectrum Features has been the most dramatic. Rather than write about it, I will post videos that can tell the story far better than I can write […]


It was encouraging to learn of the release of an online Fashion Magazine specifically owned, managed, and staffed by Native Americans. Far to often, I receive news only of the tragic outcomes from the many Native American Reservations that surround the Mississippi Headwaters – premature deaths, gangs, alcohol, drug overdoses, school failures, etc, The childhood […]