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Having trained as part of my Psychiatry Residency in the Minneapolis-St Paul area, “chemical dependency treatments followed the “Minnesota Model” in the mid 1970s, with 28 day inpatient -12 Step Models for Adult Alcoholics, Methadone maintenance for Heroine Addiction, and some very prolonged inpatient hospitalizations for adolescents. For my training, it began at the Minneapolis […]

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At least once a week, I am asked to evaluate children or Adolescents who I find have undiagnosed ASD. Many are diagnosed as ADHD or just “strange” – isolated and therefore “Depressed” Many are sad, disruptive, isolative, or extremely anxious. But once again, some excellent YouTube videos help tell the story and offer hope to […]

David Bransford MD Giving Thanks 11-22-2012

Thanksgiving 2012 ! Such a special time for family and friends to spend together. No discussions about BigPharma today. Just some assortments of families spending time together. One of my favorite blogs – unrelated to the Field of Medicine – has been Daniel Klein’s Perennial Plate. For the first several years, this New Yorker moved […]


Before Hurricane Sandy devastated the East Coast, I was addressing Foster Homes and Out-Of-Home placements. With Hurricane Sandy, I was immediately reminded of Sandy – Little Orphan Annie’s Dog ! In 1977, I first began my medical practice in the field of Psychiatry–with a strong emphasis on Child and Adolescent populations. In that same year, […]

Performance-Enhancing Drugs ??

Performance-Enhacing Drugs ??

It seems far too common for college students/graduate students to present with the chief concern of not being able to concentrate in class and/or not be able to keep up with homework and school related projects. Often, the patient does not have an ADHD diagnosis from earlier school years in elementary-high school.  There has been the myth that a direct stimulant with improve concentration – if the person has a significant attention deficit.  I suspect the ability to concentrate is enhanced, but it is also true for most students. Only those with severe anxiety symptoms might find stimulants such as the amphetamines too anxiety inducing.

So such as strong demand for the direct stimulants (C-II scheduled – so highly addictive, rapid tolerance, and high street value…as a tab, snorted, or IV)

In Maia’s article, the question is raised of the double standard of “no performance-enhancing drugs in Sports,  but it is viewed as acceptable for improving school performance.  ??

Would welcome opinions about this issue, as it seems to be such a major source of use and abuse with the amphetamines….(am including methylphenidate in this class)  Brand Names with high street value- Adderall (mixed amphetamine salts) and Ritalin (methylphenidate)  See a true desperation in amphetamine users that have become addicted………methamphetamine addicts, in particular 1.


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After yet another week of “Cognitive Dissonace” (H.T. to http://www.1boringoldman.com for refreshing my memory of the classic work by Leon Festinger and his research on Social Psychology), I return to the theme of Companion Dogs and their unique role as formal or informal Therapy Pets. I have witnessed the highly trained Therapy Dogs working with […]