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The Prolonged Winter Weather seems to have been most challenging on our residents of the North Woods! Today, 4-27-2013, a major warm up began, with sunshine, snow melt, and people outside being active once again ! The woods are awake for the season, and people – including kids – are leaving their video games, movies, […]

DavidBransfordMD Stage Fright – Is It Considered A Psychiatric Disorder ?

Shy Musicians, Shy Actors, Shy Public Servants – per DSM-5, Do they have Psychiatric illnesses? Should terms such as Panic Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder be utilized ? If so, should they receive treatment ? Are they eligible for Social Security Disability Benefits ? How common is this “disorder” ? Garrison Keillor has addressed “Shy People” […]

David Bransford MD “Rehab” – What The Experts Are Finding – Searching for Science

Having trained as part of my Psychiatry Residency in the Minneapolis-St Paul area, “chemical dependency treatments followed the “Minnesota Model” in the mid 1970s, with 28 day inpatient -12 Step Models for Adult Alcoholics, Methadone maintenance for Heroine Addiction, and some very prolonged inpatient hospitalizations for adolescents. For my training, it began at the Minneapolis […]

David Bransford MD —- More On Music Instead Of Meds —- Before the Grammys

Sir Ken Robinson, PhD continues to consult, lecture, write, and even tweet. In the realm of the Education Revolution, I always find him inspiring, insightful, and entertaining. Thanks to YouTube -> In the many treatment centers, psychiatric hospitals, and group homes where I have consulted since about 1968, I more often than not am told […]

David Bransford MD On “Medical Marketing” and Bad Science

Have been reading Dr Ben Goldacre’s book “Bad Science” and finding it brilliant. Also go to YouTube and listen to Ben’s presentations–very enlightening ! Before posting one of Dr Goldacre’s most recent TED talks, I will post from YouTube some recent medication ads The ingredient is the exact same as Ambien – a prescription hypnotic […]

David Bransford MD New Year’s Day 2013 Musicians and Oral Histories

I continue to be fascinated by how much of what we learn is not through textbooks, but implicitly via Music. In working with so many adolescents, keeping up with their favorite musicians is both interesting and clinically useful. In 2012, I would post many of my favorites – usually via YouTube – from high school, […]